Thursday, November 06, 2008

What day...

Ah, only day five. Fortunately I have scads of pictures. Maybe a couple more of these and I may move on to pictures from England.
So pardon me for a moment while I go techno chic on you. I usually don't talk about work because this is my escape from it but I just have to get some ranting off my chest. Is it too much to ask for some consistency in documentation? (Imagine that in all caps.) I'm working on upgrading some web software called SharePoint and it's like pulling teeth to get a straight answer or a complete one for migrating a web site from the old version to the new. Some make it sound simple while others make it complicated and when you have to make sure that all goes well you worry if you are getting everything you need. It looks right when you are done but it is a test environment after all and it isn't exactly the same as a live one. I have only one week left to feel confident in the process because next weekend is D Day for the upgrade. I think I see a few more grey hairs. I am really thankful that my Thanksgiving vacation comes soon after so maybe I can come down off the ceiling and tackle the next item on my list at work.
Well, of course it's after my bed time again. I never get enough sleep during the week. I ride the bus, then train, then shuttle to work everyday which has turned into my nap time both ways. I must confess that today for the first time I slept through my stop (much to my chagrin). I played it cool though and calmly got off at the stop I woke up at and just had to cross over to the other side and go back one stop. I don't think anyone noticed. Might be on the camera's though at the train station. I bet they see it all the time. Surely it's not funny anymore.
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