Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catching up...

So after a week of being back to the daily grind of work I'm finally sitting down for a recap of my time at Inspired Artist Workshop. It was such a lovely time playing with paint and other mediums and meeting some fantastic new friends.

Playing with hot glue (which caused a little cursing), jute and felt with Lolly Chessie.

Encaustic with Patricia Baldwin Seggebrush.

Painting on canvas and muslin with Alisa Burke.

Making jewelry using glass bubbles or resin with Becky Nunn.

Upcycling by fusing shopping bags with an iron and decorating them with Tracie Lampe.

Of all the classes I want to play more with encaustic and bought a starter kit and maybe make some more fused bags. Gotta do something with the big stack that my friend Rebecca collected for us. Guess what every one will be getting for Christmas. ;-)

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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Yesterday was the first not official day of Inspired Artist Workshop. This is my second and final year since Donna Downey has decided to go another route with her creativeness. I'm disappointed about it since this is the only thing like this that is within driving distance but I understand. This is a really big undertaking that she and her husband Bill do an excellent job with.

So yesterday my bestie, Rebecca and I took three workshops and enjoyed every one of them. Here are some pics.

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