Monday, December 29, 2014

Making Christmas Cards...

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas filled with family, friends and love. Are you ready for the new year to begin? I'm not. Feels like 2014 just flew by. I'm hoping that I will manage to create more art in 2015 and actually sell some of it.

So for Christmas I did manage to make cards for the family.

These are examples of the finished product.

The first layer involved a mix of some Goldens Fluid Acrylic red and yellows and creating an all over pattern. I utilized large sheets of Canson Mix Media paper.

For this metallic layer I mixed a couple paints but forgot to write down which ones. I utilized one of the Crafters Workshop stencils.

Here is the cut down version.

For the final step I used another Crafters Workshop stencil with cathedral windows and Turquoise.

Just before Christmas I attended a small portion of the North Georgia Art Ramble. This is a mug I purchased from the talented Robin Miller.

These fun little houses are from Robin Miller also. Her husband is from Iceland and they visit there often. The houses and landscape were her inspiration for these.

These two mugs are by Kelly Harris from my stop at Sue and John Anderson. I love the organic layering.

This platter was an early Christmas present from my mom, also from Sue and John Anderson's. It is signed Mare but I didn't get a card. Just love the details in it. Next year I'm going to apply and see if I can join in as an artist in the Ramble.

For the family Christmas Eve family get together we drew names and this was my present, a pair of toasty warm LL Bean slippers.

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe New Years Eve.

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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Some art for sale

So a couple years ago Seth Apter made a call for art in a 5x5 format for his blog which I contributed to. The questions for the submission he asked were:

1. If your artwork could talk, what would it say?

2. Who has had the most impact on your creative life?

3. What is one thing you have never shared with the creative community?

He had over 100 works contributed and some were featured in Somerset Studio magazine and now all the works are on display at Five by Five, a small works exhibition that is taking place at The Empty Spaces Project, a gallery in Putnam, Connecticut, during the month of December.

The works are also for sale on Seth's blog and I'm honored that mine is included (#77).

I also participated in Roco 6x6 in New York. I actually made it to the opening which was quite the experience. Each piece is $20 and is a donation to support the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.






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