Tuesday, November 02, 2010

So slow...

Well, even with Rebecca and Mom's help we only got the molding completed in one room but we did get all my cabinets moved back in. Forgot to take a picture of that. It does take longer when you are unpacking new tools and trying to figure out how to use them without harming yourself or your helpers. There were a couple pieces I had to do over three times to get it right. Did get one wall in the foyer done. It's a good thing I've given myself months to get all this done. Just have to get the molding done in time for Thanksgiving but I am hoping to get the stairs done for Christmas.

Caught Rebecca taking pictures of me taking pictures so this is a little blurry.

One of my new toys. Does a great job on the miter cuts.

The quarter round was the hardest with figuring out the right angle to cut for the corners. I have templates now to keep it straight. I tell you there's nothing like clean pristine baseboards. If only they would stay that way.

Can't help but show these. Little Pixie washed old man Scooter and went to sleep hugging him.

And here is Tigger hanging off the couch just so he can be close to Puppy.

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