Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little catch up...

I'm afraid things at home and work have been very hectic but wanted to at least pop in and say hello, I'm alive and still kicking. Last month I participated in the World Wide Photo Walk which was fun and enlightening. Here are a few pics from an area in Atlanta called Atlantic Station. Have not even had time to tweak them but here they are anyway.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A hard week...

Well, I thought it was probably time for me to check in here. It's been a hard week and I'm still not sure I will ever go into the details in my blog but my oldest nephew, Tom, died this week at just 20 years old. In some ways it was a surprise but in others it wasn't. He's been living in a deep dark place for the last couple of years that he was not able to come out of nor allow for the help he needed. It is sad but the struggle is over for him and now it is the living who have to come to terms with all the what if's and let them go. I have to say that I have a very wonderful circle of friends and family who give their support and love.

In a quirky way that speaks to me I found out that a little painting I did with the theme of Embrace Life is being featured in an Etsy collection.
A big thank you and hug to all who have been and will be praying for my sister's family during this dificult time for them.