Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Friday...

Ahhhh......(long long heavy sigh), today is my Friday. I'm so looking forward to a real weekend. Tomorrow starts with a couple of hours at Archivers for a new class on making a household organizer. Just some nice play time for me. Then it's some quality cooking time with making home made smoked pulled pork.

Saturday I get to spend the whole day playing with my friends and being creative. I'm hosting a scrapbook party at my house and hopefully everyone will have a good time. Can't imagine that we won't.

Last weekend I took a little time playing with altering photos. I didn't do much but cropped, applied sepia tones and film grain to a picture from the rose bush at the front door. I think I like the effect. Next maybe altering colors.
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Ah, It's the weekend...

Why are weekends never long enough? It doesn't look like I will get to anything fun this weekend. I have lovely plans of cleaning and organizing and doing work stuff. Next weekend I'll get to have some fun though with the girls. We will get to spend a whole day of scrapbooking and being creative.

I did have one neat event this week. I've made it to 50 pounds lost. I'm slowly seeing some of the ways my life will change for the better. I still haven't met my goal of working out 3-4 times a week but I will persist. I am seeing that I have more energy and can definitely move better. I so look forward to learning to be more active. Now, how to fit that in with photography and my dream of becoming a mixed medium artist.

Last night was the last night of my photography 102 class. It was fun to learn more about how to use manual settings on the camera. I also had the opportunity to see my classmates' works. Definitely very talented people. I've learned that it's more about the composition and you will learn how to use the camera to capture what you visualize. I'm looking forward to playing with learning how to alter photographs too. Below are some I took with my macro lens and I've cropped them to give them more focus. I promise there will be some more handmade stuff soon. Hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Taking pictures again...

Well, this weekend was a very busy one. Saturday was up bright and early to meet up with Rebecca to go to Jonathan Mann's very first birthday. He was so adorable as he opened all his presents and you could tell he enjoyed it.

Sunday was up bright and early again to meet a friend down at Oakland Cemetery for a morning of taking pictures. I don't think I was in quite the right mood to do good compositions but I managed to take some I liked. Here a few of my favorites and the rest are on Picasa Web at Hope you enjoy them. Oh, and by the way, cemeteries are not creepy places, they are monuments to the memories of those who have gone before us.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Walking about ...

Friday after work I walked around down here at Atlantic Station and took a few photographs. I was trying to hold out for the sunset but got tired of waiting. That and the security guards were freaking out every time I took pictures. Aparently you can't take pictures of the buildings. They were okay once I explained it was just elements for class but I really wanted to setup my tripod so I could get better pictures but I thought that would throw them over the edge.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Man's perspective...

This is just too funny. I saw a link to this video on one of the technical blogs I watch and I just can't help but post a link to it. Ladies, for all you card makers out there, this is a glimpse into a man's view.

Man Made Card

A little sadness...

I have two cats who are basically my children. One is Scooter, the grey and white rough and tumble boy. The other is my very sweet Becca, who passed away last Friday morning. I've had her for 18 or 19 years so she lived to a ripe old age and her body was done. I will miss her terribly.