Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Last week I had a lovely staycation.  I'm afraid I was very lazy which you would think would make me feel revived this week but alas no.  Anyhow, I had a wonderful July 4th with my family and I had a cooking bug so made a whole bunch of food.  See the spread below.  I tried a grilled skirt steak for the first time and although the flavor was good the meat was too chewy so probably will try a different cut next time.  I tried making Rosa Mexicano type guacamole and I think I came close.  Maybe it is always better when you get to sit and watch someone else make it.  ;-)
I did manage some creative time and started this 24x24 abstract painting.  Still not sure what/if I want to do anything else to it.  It looks better in real life since this was just an iPhone snapshot.
I also started a smaller canvas.  My original intent was to do a base of various papers and then layer in some paint but I just really like the papers.  A little wild and crazy but I like it anyway.  I have since added some ribbon to the seams and I'm going to look through my photographs and see if one might work with it.  We shall see...
While I was chilling the pets were chilling.  Of course they do that all the time but just had to take this picture of Tigger and Puppy.  Puppy tolerates Tigger but Tigger absolutely adores and loves Puppy so he is in his happy place. 
I hope everyone else had a wonderful July 4th full of friends and family and love.  Hugs!!
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