Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Little More Art Journaling...

I had a lovely morning yesterday with some more art journaling.  The lovely Mary Freemanary hosted a class that runs pretty much monthly and it is always such an enjoyable time meeting new friends and being creative.  Mary starts us out with a prayer, prompts and helpful tips and techniques.
 One of my challenges is that I'm not much of a verbalizer on the page.  I love playing with color and technique ideas but putting words on the page is a struggle.  Or maybe I just don't want to go past the point of playing with paint and picking up a pen instead.  Something to ponder.

Anyway, Mary had a new green that just makes me happy (you know what I mean).  Granny Smith green by Martha Stewart.
I had fun playing with that and a neon pink and orange.  Mary also had a stash of stamps and I had fun playing with a little house stamp.

 So looking forward to next month's get together.

If you get a chance head over to Mary's blog and check out her artwork and her wise words.