Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well, last Friday was a very exciting day. Decided to drop off my Jeep at the car wash in the parking deck here at work since it was looking very disreputable. Long about lunch time they called to say they were done but they just saw some smoke and sparks. I'm like, well, okay, I'll be right down. Sure enough there were some sparks coming from the cable for the winch were the casing had rubbed off and the bare wire was hitting the front grill. Now what is a girl to do?

4:00 rolls around and I drag one of the guys down hoping that we can wrap the worn spot with electrical tape so I can drive it. Well, move the cable a bit and flames shoot up. That was really exciting. Now I'm worrying that the whole thing is going to go up in flames or my coworker will get the shock of his life. Finally wedged some plastic lunch plates and a plastic handled tool in there so it stopped sparking.

To try to make a long story shorter one of the security guards got involved and finally disconnected the wire from the battery by man handling it (since the screw was stripped) and then he was able to jump start the Jeep (battery was completely drained from all the sparking). After a couple hours of all this I was finally able to drive home without incident. Friday I'll have the shop look it over to be sure but between God's help and the toughness of Jeeps it seems to be fine.

So back to scrapbooking. The girls have all been asking to see pictures of my room. It is still very much in progress but here is what we have so far.

Before - Mom had her English country in the front living room and I was trying out my purple phase in the dining room. I had to try it out but it was too dark for that room.

Inspiration - I found this pillow at Pier One and fell in love with the color combination (bought it of course) and I found some dishes on clearance (picture another time) that pull together these colors. The foyer is a duskier version of the teal and I needed something that would go with that and go with the red kitchen.

In progress with Scooter helping out.