Friday, July 24, 2015

Some more Gellin time...

Last Saturday night I had some impromptu crafty/art time with one of my girlfriends. We played until the wee hours (3 am). Stephanie was a zentanglesque queen and I played with some color combinations I've been wanting to try.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Past time to check in...

Life has been a bit too busy lately with so much to do and not enough time.  Art play time has been suffering greatly with work being very demanding and lots of family activities.  I did get to have some play time a few weeks ago with the girls.  It is always so nice to hang for the day and enjoy each other's company.

I did make a few monotype pieces and played with my new florescent paints and then moved to playing with red, nickel azo and paynes grey. Quite a switch in feel but some days are like that.  I also played with taking a canvas Donna Downey bag and using the Gelli Plate to paint it.  That was fun.

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer and will be having a great 4th of July celebration next weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring is almost here...

Too bad I didn't take some pics of my spring flowers to celebrate the beautiful spring day we are having.

Lately I'm finding it challenging to get in art time. The weekends have become about getting things done around the house and cooking the week's food. I'm trying to eat healthier which takes an awful lot of work. I didn't get as much done this weekend as I wanted but I did get to have some creative time.

Yesterday was our monthly art journaling with Mary Freeman and as always was a wonderful time. It is always just so nice to hang with the girls and the other ladies that come and see all the different styles of journaling. Mine tend to be playing with colors but it is therapeutic.

After lunch with the girls I had a little more play time with one of my friends Stephanie. It was so relaxing to visit and play and a welcome break from all the usual chores. I'm still having fun playing with my gelli plate and some hand cut circle masks.

To round out the weekend I participated in the Atlanta Hunger Walk and it was a beautiful day for it. It was really well organized and they had bands of varying types of music all along the way. I've not done this one before and it was a huge crowd.

Until next time, happy arting!

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Trying out plexi...

So, I want to go bigger than the largest Gelli plate so decided to try plexiglass. I bought an 18x24 piece from the hardware store and used my Akua inks. The Akua inks are supposed to stay wet until they are applied to paper but interestingly enough that didn't seem to be the case. It also came out spotty as you can see from my below prints. Golden Paints performed better so researching. I also have to say I like the give in the Gelli plate better too so I may have to get a really large jelly or cake pan and make my own. Wonder how large I can go? I'll keep you posted but if anyone knows let me know.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Trying some new paint...

Yesterday Mary Freeman's monthly Art Journaling started back up so spent a lovely morning with the girls playing. I decided to play with black paint as my main color which isn't my norm but I enjoyed it and may do it again sometime.

A couple pages playing with black, gray and yellow in an abstract.

Later in the evening I spent some Gelli plate play time to try out my new Akua inks. I've been reading about that they stay wet until applied to paper so I asked for a set for my birthday.

The color selection is limited at least compared to Golden Paints but they are very thick and creamy. I used very little to roll onto the plate.

There is a blending solution to use with the inks to thin them to emulate their pigment inks. Haven't tried the pigment inks yet but I have one to test. Above shows were I did a test with drops of the blending solution after the fact and let it sit. After blotting it left the circles and I like the effect.

This is the finished piece after a couple more print layers. I also used the new Strathmore Printmaking paper and I like how smooth it is and it takes the paint very nicely. Next I will try the intaglio paints on watercolor paper to see if there is any difference.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

Last Sunday was my birthday and I celebrated all weekend long with family and friends. I actually was off for the holidays so I had some pre birthday, pre New Years celebration with some art time.

I've been wanting to use my Gelli prints in collages and this is my first endeavor. I also used some strips of deli paper that I had made random marks on.

This piece is a Gelli print and I used a wheat stencil for a focal point and added some floral chicken wire for added texture.

This print is the ghost from the previous one with a bit of additions.

This print started out as testing and I added some plate cleaning to get the bits of red.

This is another print from cleaning the Gelli plate to get the bits of paint left behind.

So, to start off the birthday celebration, Friday night was bowling with the family. Fun was had by all.

After bowling was a slumber party at my brother/sister-in-laws. Such a great host and hostess complete with home made waffles and my niece also made quiche. We considered it breakfast although by that time it was lunch. ;-)

Saturday was crafty time with the girls and I wanted to try my hand at a landscape and then I used the ghost for more of a foggy tree look. I did another couple prints but didn't stop when I should've and messed them up. Oh well.

Saturday was also my youngest niece's 6th birthday and she wanted to play with painting too. This is her first Gelli print.

This is her first ghost print and I added a bit of yellow to it.

This is her final ghost print with more of my yellow added.

She then painted the Gelli plate using the pattern left behind from her previous prints.

And this is her ghost print where she flawlessly wrote her name backwards. I see another artist in the family.

For my presents I received these two cameras, one from Rebecca and one from Misti. Great additions to my collection.

My niece wanted to go to Medieval Times so that is what we did Sunday. She wore an Elsa dress and looked cute as could be. Neither of us have been before and it was a great show and the food was uncomplicated but tasty.

On Monday I had a final pajama vacation day to recover from the nonstop fun.

I hope everyone had a blessed New Year's Eve.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Making Christmas Cards...

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas filled with family, friends and love. Are you ready for the new year to begin? I'm not. Feels like 2014 just flew by. I'm hoping that I will manage to create more art in 2015 and actually sell some of it.

So for Christmas I did manage to make cards for the family.

These are examples of the finished product.

The first layer involved a mix of some Goldens Fluid Acrylic red and yellows and creating an all over pattern. I utilized large sheets of Canson Mix Media paper.

For this metallic layer I mixed a couple paints but forgot to write down which ones. I utilized one of the Crafters Workshop stencils.

Here is the cut down version.

For the final step I used another Crafters Workshop stencil with cathedral windows and Turquoise.

Just before Christmas I attended a small portion of the North Georgia Art Ramble. This is a mug I purchased from the talented Robin Miller.

These fun little houses are from Robin Miller also. Her husband is from Iceland and they visit there often. The houses and landscape were her inspiration for these.

These two mugs are by Kelly Harris from my stop at Sue and John Anderson. I love the organic layering.

This platter was an early Christmas present from my mom, also from Sue and John Anderson's. It is signed Mare but I didn't get a card. Just love the details in it. Next year I'm going to apply and see if I can join in as an artist in the Ramble.

For the family Christmas Eve family get together we drew names and this was my present, a pair of toasty warm LL Bean slippers.

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe New Years Eve.

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