Monday, April 25, 2011

Some swaps

Well, I went and signed up for a couple swaps and have been madly working in those the last few weeks.

One is a charm swap that started with Friendly Plastic but the size needed to be small (max 1 1/2") and I didn't like the results. I moved on to using metal washers from the hardware store and am much happier. I hammered the washers with a ball hammer, used alcohol inks, glossy accents, a bead and some silver wire. I am definitely going to make some more for some gifts and to sell.

I also signed up for an ATC swap and had to get that done over the weekend. Had so much fun covering a sheet of water color with old catalog pages and a layer of tissue paper to soften and then doing a bit of a wash with paint. Cut a portion of the sheet up to ATC sizes. I then cut out 28 birds from some paper napkins but before adhering them I used a pink watercolor crayon and made it drippy. After putting it all together and including a stamp I used some punchenella (sp) to add a touch of white dots here and there and finally stamped the word beauty. Beauty may be my word for the year. First comes transformation and then inner beauty which has it's own outer beauty. I think I'm supposed to learn something about that but being a little slow witted.

So 28 charms and 19 atc's later I'm done. I did enjoy finally having some time to play. Pictures below are pretty bad but will give you an idea of what they all look like.

And I can't express how excited I am to be going on vacation in two weeks to Donna Downey's Inspired. A week of being creative is so heavenly right now. Well, way past my bedtime so sweet dreams.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Checkout this contest and classes

There are some awesome online classes available at The Land of Lost Luggage and a great contest with the prize being lifetime classes. I have one class I've signed up for already and can't wait to try another. Chris Cozen and Julie Pritchard are very talented ladies with a passion for teaching.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Just checking in again...

Well, working crazy hours and not getting much play time. In May I'm going to Donna Downey's Inspired Artist Workshop and as a part of that I thought I didn't already have enough to do so signed up for a charm swap and ATC swap. so Sunday I started working on making a charm using friendly plastic. I watched hours of YouTube for ideas and technical details on Friday and Saturday night and after all that all I came up with was this sad little round thing with a little embellishment that ended up looking like eyes and a mouth. I couldn't even stand to take a picture of it. So my next round is going to involve washers from the hardware store. Hopefully I can manage something I'll be happy with since my deadlines are closing in fast. Whew! Now I'm stressed out. Must need a nice serene beach scene.

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