Sunday, February 26, 2012

A gift for me...

My sister wanted to paint a picture for me even though I already have two of her creations. She wanted me to pick out the style of this one a little more so we flipped through some of my many abstract books and I picked this one.


From this book


And this is the beautiful result with lots of lovely texture and colors.


I've been very negligent with blogging so far this year. Last year a big project t work was my excuse. This year I seem to be a little lazy. Not sure if it is the never ending list of things to do at home (overwhelming so i just dont do them) and work or if I am still in some sort of recovery mode. I seem to only spend time creating if I have others with me and sitting alone in my art room is not drawing me as much even though I have ideas floating in my head. I was talking to a new friend and she said she suffers from that sometimes and has to make appointments with herself to spend some creative time. Which brings me to the fun part of meeting a new friend.

It's funny how we have people come into our lives unexpectedly. I've known Ann for a number of years now but only at work and I only saw her once a year where our jobs at our respective companies cross paths. This time we had a one on one meeting that started out all business and morphed into talk about our creative endeavors outside of work. Fortunately it was lunchtime so we could escape to go talk and eat. Come to find out that Ann does these awesome paper mosaics as backdrops for her calligraphy and the creativity extends to her husband who is a photographer, her mother who is a watercolor painter and her dad who makes furniture. She even has an art gallery in her house for all of their work. Check out her website. She will also be at the upcoming American Craft Council Show here in Atlanta, March 9th to 11th. What started the conversation was a couple of my own pieces in my office. Ann was so encouraging and suggested that I was pricing my stuff too low and had lots of pointers about framing or just mounting things so they were ready for framing. So much to learn.

Well it is creating past my bedtime. Yawn. So sweet dreams to all and hugs.