Sunday, August 31, 2008

Altered Notebooks...

The theme this week at IMT is Notebook. It can be anything related to notebooks or pieces of notebooks. One of my projects in progress is making journal books out of composition books. Here is what I have so far.

This one I just wanted to be cute to go with the stamp I used which says "Happiness walks on busy feet." I used Basic Grey paper and covered some chipboard flowers and used buttons for embellishments.

This one I used some Flavia paper and tore out the butterfly and embellished it with fiber, wire and beads to add dimension. The latch on this one uses a covered magnet.

This one may still be a work in progress. I can't decide if I want to add some more layers or leave it as is. I used some papers from one of those funky handmade paper packs. I didn't have two of any of the large ones so sponge painted two different ones and then tore them into strips so there would be enough for the front and back. I included a ribbon tie.

This is my latest one and it is definitely not done. I patchworked a new K&Company line because I couldn't just pick one of them. I'm still deciding if I want to use that for a backdrop for some words or just add buttons or flowers. The next one I do will be more of painting techniques or more involved collaging. I sort of like the ones I've done so far but I really want to take them to the next level although that may require doing my own binding too. We shall see.

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Tomorrow morning my friend Rebecca and I flit off to hot Phoenix Arizona to attend Creative Escape. It's going to be in the low 100's. We are both so looking forward to some fun and relaxation. Can't wait to see what kind of projects we get to make.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why I love cats...

Me: Oh ho! What do we have here?

Tigger: Hi mom.

Me: Don't you think that box is a little small for you?

Tigger: What do you mean? I have plenty of room. See how well I can stretch out.

Tigger: I think I'll just take a little nap.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


This week's IMT challenge is opposites. Rebecca's birthday was this week and this is the card I made for her. One of the color combinations she likes is black and white which just so happens to be a good one for opposites. I had to add in a red button to symbolize the uniqueness of one and everything else I did represented threes for three decades of life. There are three panels and three sets of circles from three patterns of paper. The larger circles are elevated for some dimension. I did add a bit of glitter with a pen. This card was a little more of clean lines than I usually do but I really wanted it to reflect a style that is more of Rebecca.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Thursday was my friend Rebecca's grand 30th birthday. The big birthday celebration was last night with lots of friends and family and can I just say OMG I had a lot of fun. We all gathered for dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant and then those of us with more stamina rushed off to play laser tag. It was my first time and it was so much fun. We played from about 9 pm to Midnight and were completely worn out but it was well worth it. I think we gave the teenagers a shock. There were ten of us that descended on the place and gave them at least a little run for their money even though most of us had never played before. I think they expected us to only last through one or two games but we made it through 6 games. After that we ditched the husbands in the group for ladies movie time. We had grand plans to watch a couple of them but only made it through Step Up 2. Bad acting but the dancing was so fun to watch. It hit about 4 am and it was either pass out or go have breakfast so we trudged off to Atlanta Diner for a hearty breakfast before heading home. I was still running on some adrenaline and caffeine so asked who wanted to go shopping next. Fortunately no one took me up on that. After driving home and taking a shower it was in bed about 8 am. I think everyone had a lot of fun including Miss Rebecca.
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