Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why I love cats...

Me: Oh ho! What do we have here?

Tigger: Hi mom.

Me: Don't you think that box is a little small for you?

Tigger: What do you mean? I have plenty of room. See how well I can stretch out.

Tigger: I think I'll just take a little nap.

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Rebecca said...

Silly Cat.

BTW - like your new profile photo!

Charlie said...

Cats crack me
I miss my old cat we had for 19 years.
I love your profile picture too.
Great photos and captions.

nancy said...

Hey Laurel,
I love your cats attitude!
great shots, Nancy
p.s. any bag, box or newspaper I bring in the house, my cat has to sit in or on it!

ArtSparker said...

Hello - I live near the Piedmont Cemetery in Oakland. Time was, you could pick wonderful blackberries in the back (on the right, under the hill), but they've cleared them out. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful work.

Lesli said...

Wonderful photos - I have a really good friend who is a huge cat lover and she always gets some great ones too!

fixerupper said...

Funny how a cat can win you over.

I had a 20-year-old tabby that I named "Boom" because when he came in the room, BOOM! everybody was happy.

Before him, I was ambivalent. Cats were good for chasing off squirrels and mice, but not much more.

But since I had the pleasure of Boom's company for so long, I think differently. I miss hearing his little "Rawr!" in the middle of whenever. He was always up for a visit.

Then one morning we found him lying in the yard, having passed while relaxing or just cleaning himself. I was brokenhearted. If I had only known, I would have sat up with him!

But he had finished his work, having made three children's lives richer, and one man's heart softer.

What a wonderful soul he was ...

Anonymous said...

HA! Box cat!
I had one of those. MIss him.
Great photos!

namesconnie said...

So cute. Thanks for posting this. I love cats, too. And my cats just love any kind of a box as well, even if half of them is sticking out from the side of one.