Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Floor saga update...

Weekend before this past one I took a break for a sisters camping trip. My sister Sherri and I loaded up the Jeep and headed up to the North Georgia forest service roads after work. Didn't make it in time to work in day light so put the tent up with light from lanterns. It was just a bit cold that night too so slept with many layers. Our camp stove was being difficult so cooked all our meals over the flame with a nifty grill table gadget. All in all it was a beautiful weekend with a touch of color on the trees. Even did a little off roading on some rugged trails and visited a lovely waterfall.

This past weekend was a long one for me since I needed to use up some vacation time. Most of it was dedicated to painting some trim and installing the flooring. Made great headway with the help of my awesome friend Rebecca and my awesome Mom.

I was hoping to get the basemold installed and furniture put back in but lost a day over drama from escaped kitties. My little furry children are indoor kitties because of neighbor dogs, busy road, and sundry wild animals who will eat them. A door blew open and two of them escaped causing two nights of worry, a few tears here and there, and chasing down leads from caring neighbors. Finally got them back and we are all calmed down now.

I have to say I'm really happy with how the floor is turning out and I love the color. I'm hoping to get the stairs done by Thanksgiving and then the view from the front door will be taken care of. I have a feeling that with the holidays and getting Christmas cards made that the kitchen and family room won't happen until January and my bedroom in February. We shall see.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally making headway

The first Saturday of this month I finally got to hang with the girls and have some creative time. We called it a scrap shower since we combined Scrapbooking (and other creative endeavors) and a baby shower for one of the girls. My friend Rebecca made the cutest cupcakes with paper butterflies on top.  Should have grabbed a picture but you can visit Rebecca's blog to see.

I worked on making some artwork for Mom. You know how moms can be. They think everything you do is great and mine wants to put everything on the walls. I made this and had words on it but didn't like the way they looked so peeled the pieces of paper back off. I really like the little rectangles of previous layer exposed that happened as a result.  The tree stamp is a nice big one from Donna Downey and this is a 12x12 piece of watercolor paper.  I had fun using a mixture of paper, fabric, wallpaper, postage stamps, buttons and paint.

On another note, I finally made some headway on the wood floor. Started out Satuday figuring outy first few rows and cuts and found out that the table saw I borrowed didn't have a neccessary piece to keep the boards straight for longer cross cuts so off to Lowes to get something else (after researching and ordering on the Internet of course). Ended up with this awesome one that can do rip cuts and cross cuts. It's called a hardwood floor saw and is somewhat convertible. I'll have to take a picture of it. Rebecca came over Sunday and was an immense help in keeping me on track with my cuts and with all the glueing we had to do. It's only a small start but I am on my way.

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