Friday, October 19, 2007

Ah, It's the weekend...

Why are weekends never long enough? It doesn't look like I will get to anything fun this weekend. I have lovely plans of cleaning and organizing and doing work stuff. Next weekend I'll get to have some fun though with the girls. We will get to spend a whole day of scrapbooking and being creative.

I did have one neat event this week. I've made it to 50 pounds lost. I'm slowly seeing some of the ways my life will change for the better. I still haven't met my goal of working out 3-4 times a week but I will persist. I am seeing that I have more energy and can definitely move better. I so look forward to learning to be more active. Now, how to fit that in with photography and my dream of becoming a mixed medium artist.

Last night was the last night of my photography 102 class. It was fun to learn more about how to use manual settings on the camera. I also had the opportunity to see my classmates' works. Definitely very talented people. I've learned that it's more about the composition and you will learn how to use the camera to capture what you visualize. I'm looking forward to playing with learning how to alter photographs too. Below are some I took with my macro lens and I've cropped them to give them more focus. I promise there will be some more handmade stuff soon. Hope you enjoy!

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Misti said...

First of all, congrats on losing 50 pounds! That's fantastic! Second... great pictures. Maybe we can take a little time next weekend & you can show me some tricks with your camera. (Haley is comandeering mine that weekend.)

kimmy said...

you crazy shrinkin mama!!!!! hooray for the unsinkable laurel e. your world will open like an oyster, that's how it will change. you have this monkey off your back that has been a constant whisper/roar in your ear. now you will hear all that you could not before. energy and freedom of movement! crawl on the ground and get just the right angle, climb the mountian to photograph the vista. congrats my dear sweet sister. your photos are very cool. i really sat and looked at them and looked at the contrasts and such. the class must be neat. i am often frustrated at not capturing what i see. of course the phone camera does have a few limitations. ha. i LOVE you!!