Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Friday...

Ahhhh......(long long heavy sigh), today is my Friday. I'm so looking forward to a real weekend. Tomorrow starts with a couple of hours at Archivers for a new class on making a household organizer. Just some nice play time for me. Then it's some quality cooking time with making home made smoked pulled pork.

Saturday I get to spend the whole day playing with my friends and being creative. I'm hosting a scrapbook party at my house and hopefully everyone will have a good time. Can't imagine that we won't.

Last weekend I took a little time playing with altering photos. I didn't do much but cropped, applied sepia tones and film grain to a picture from the rose bush at the front door. I think I like the effect. Next maybe altering colors.
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Misti said...

Great picture! Let me know how you like the class; I've been thinking about taking that one. I can't wait for Saturday!!! A day with the girls is just what I need.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I have a blogger.....under Jennifer's Getaway...I do not know how to add ya'll as friends. :o)


Sherri said...

Hi, Lauri-belle!
I like your picture - very pretty!