Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall Color

I know I've been a slacker lately. Had a project to do at work that involved a lot of evening work. So, tired equals no creativity. A couple weeks ago I started a journal book and have created part of it but am stumped as to what I want to do next. Oh, well. It'll hopefully come to me. And I still have to make Christmas cards.

Saturday, on the spur of the moment, mom and I decided to drive to North Georgia in search of real cooking pumpkins. There is a flea market that we used to pass all the time that had pumpkins. Thought it was in Georgia but we actually crossed into North Carolina before getting to it. We bought pumpkins from there a few years ago and one of them made the best pumpkin soup ever. Unfortunately the new lady selling them doesn't know anything about which ones are for what. Bought some cooking pumpkins anyway. I'll take a picture of them the next time I'm home when it's daylight out. Here are some pictures from our half day trip. We didn't really stop anywhere since we didn't leave early enough but did manage a few.

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