Monday, November 12, 2007

Wild Child

So you get two blogs in one night. Last week my friend Renee talked me into baby sitting a kitten she aquired in the hopes that I would keep him. I figured that would be likely even though I really wanted a girl kitty. Renee said I could always go back to having three cats. I think two is enough for now. Little Bit doesn't have a name yet. Renee called him Romeo but I'm not sure it fits him. Rebecca came up with Spike and I thought about Tiger. Still not sure. Can't just call him Kitten. We already have a dog that never got past the name of Puppy but it suits him. So let's have a name the kitty contest. Not sure what the prize will be but never fear. It won't be the cat.

My older cat, Scooter, still isn't sure what he thinks about this. He is oddly fascinated while at the same time very annoyed. Kitten thinks he is a big chew toy. It's funny to watch. Well it's past my bedtime. ttfn
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Anonymous said...


Your kitten is sooo cute! I am going to have to come see him sometime. My vote for his name is Jasper.

Talk to you soon!


Kimberly said...

Super cute Laurel!

How about.....
Mr. Jingles
Mistle Toe

Just a few....