Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

Did you know that even sitting on a soft couch can make your bottom sore if you stay there long enough? I wanted to start working on Christmas cards today, and yes they should already be done, but it has become a pajama-do-nothing day. I am trying to at least catch up on my blog reading. I decided I should at least stir myself enough to do a post and to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

This week was all about getting the house presentable and cooking pumpkin bread, made from fresh ginger ginger butter, pumpkin soup, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney, pumpkin pie, whew! (I secretly want to do a whole pumpkin festival theme) I had a wonderful day yesterday with friends and family. I hope everyone had at least as much fun yesterday if not more with their family and friends.

Hugs and kisses!
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Tina Steele Lindsey Art said...

Laurel, thank you for visiting my blog again, and for your kind words. We had a lot of food and family and fun, I felt so blessed for it when there are so many who do without. Peace unto you and yours.

Tina Steele Lindsey Art said...

PS - love the photo of the fern, they are so wonderfully delicate and airy

Charlie said...

Hi Laurel,
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got some RnR as well. I have an award for you at my blog if you want it.