Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Purchase...

Well, Karen at Blue Bee Designs made another mixed media piece that I couldn't live without. I'm so excited that it arrived today. I just love it. Karen also wraps things so pretty. I can't wait to figure out something to do with the musical fabric strip and she included a sheet of music. Too much fun.

Mom got free tickets to see the opera Cinderella so we did that tonight. It was fun to watch although I have to say the I'm not the biggest fan of the operatic singing style. I know there are some that I've enjoyed the style of more like Rigolleto and Die Fledermaus. Well, anyway we did enjoy it. It was interesting to people watch too. People were dressed all the way from jeans to black tie and evening dresses. I was really surprised by all the fur coats. I thought that was no longer pc and this is the south. Hardly gets cold enough.

Otherwise, today I did actually work on one of my projects and even took a little time to work on the Ispire Me Thursday challenge. It isn't done yet. I had this grand idea but I didn't fine it pleasing once done so now I'm fiddling with it. Do or die I'm posting it tomorrow and hoping for the best.

Well, off to bed. Sweet dreams.

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Karen Mowrey said...

Yeah! So glad it arrived safe and sound!

I have never been to an opera but I would probably go to people watch!

Happy creating!