Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Day Three...

Three days in a row is a first for me, I think. Well, today is election day. I went and voted even though I'm not happy with the choices. I've finally realized that's why you go vote in the primaries but I'm not married to any party so have always abstained from that. Goodness, it is so much work trying to find out what the candidates really stand for and to filter through all the rhetoric. Ah well, I guess we all just do the best we can.
On to more pleasant things. I read a recent post and now I can't find which one but it had lovely pictures of dying plants and it inspired me to run out and grab some pictures from the garden. So, for at least a few of these posts I'll be revealing them. If I find the link again I'll mention it in the next post.
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Charlie said...

Cool pictures Laurel. And I know what you mean about the choices. But it is over now.