Sunday, June 08, 2008

Finally caught up...

Whew! I'm finally caught up with my online art class with Paulette Insall. I have been working so much overtime that my art endeavors have taken a back burner but today was my art day. That and try to post to my blog. So here are the results of my class so far.

Art supplies. I found it a little too much fun buying paint colors. This is the first batch and of course I had to go back and get more.

Week 1. This is the first stage of a base color.
Then scraps of paper are added. Good thing I have such an ample stash.
Final step is to add a wash and drip water on it. Cool effect. I may have to try one and stop at this point.

This is week two class. Here are more layers with stamps and bubble wrap as a stamp.
then free hand swirls are added for the final stage of class 2.

This is week 3 with more layers of paint applied with wax paper of all things, some more stamping with a text stamp and with the end of a paper towel card board roll.

Can't wait to see what we do for the next two and final classes. Originally I was going to do at least three of these at the same time but because of time restraints and being unsure of what the heck I'm doing I decided to tackle just one for the class and then to do some more. Of course then I have more things I want to try with paint. So many things swirling through my brain and so little time. Oh well, as long as I have fun with it.

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Rebecca said...

Om my goodness! That's awesome! I want one or two or three!

Well done!

Stephanie said...

Pretty artwork! Where in the house can I expect to see it hanging??

Thanks for the mention about my blog...although I have been bad b/c I haven't updated in a while. Too busy making paper dolls for Swapna!!