Sunday, February 09, 2014

Crafty Time...

Last weekend was crafty time with the girls but first we all went to art journaling with Mary Freeman. It was fun to watch the girls get into it. My friend Rebecca (scrapbooker) has gone with me a couple times but this time we were joined by Misti (another scrapbooker) and Stephanie (likes to Zentangle).

I recently started another journal but a much larger size. I'm enjoying having all that room to work although I was initially afraid of all that space to fill in.

This page ended up much differently than it started in the colors. The beauty of paint is if you don't like it just cover it up. I still want to add some words so it isn't done yet.

After a lovely lunch and a trip to the art store, the rest of the day was spent with each of us working on various projects and enjoying each other's company. I'm addicted to Gelli plate printing so worked on that.

This first round was using an idea from Jane Davies where she sets up a color/pattern on the plate and prints on sections of various pages and overlapping as she goes. I'm definitely going to try that again.

This one is a combination of a page I used for cleaning the brayer and then added some printing.

This one was printing layers using the whole plate and a large stamp, a stencil and hand cut masks. I really like this method but want to branch out more.

Next step is to collage with Gelli plate prints.

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