Sunday, February 16, 2014

Big Gellin...

My mom bought me the 12x14 Gelli plate for my birthday and it came yesterday. Could hardly wait to play with it. I need to get some bigger sheets if paper though.

I also found a line of stencils I hadn't seen before from and bought some as a birthday present to myself. I did manage to play with one of them today.

This is a monoprint collage that I did today and I'm really liking how it came out. My local Blick's is having a special thing next weekend where you can bring in up to four pieces to display and try to sell so this one is definitely going. If I'm productive enough this week I will take more.

This one is almost done. I'm thinking I'll add some hand drawn lines and circles.

This one is from cleaning the brayer and my hand carved stamp and may still be a work in progress or may be used in collaging.

Another play one.

This is another play one so we shall see what becomes of it. I want to start making collages from monoprints and my grand plan is to at least start one this week. As long as I don't fizzle after work that is.

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Christy Blackwell Sittig said...

Hi there. Are the stencils expensive? I think they look really good.

laurel said...

Hi Christy! Stencils range in price from $5 to $25 but I'm always on the hunt for ones on sale. The last big batch I bought was a gift from the family so free to me. :-). I also cut some out from card stock on hand which is practically free. You can also just use household objects. Check out the Gelli site and YouTube for lots of ideas.