Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 1...

Today was day one of Art Is You West Coast and day one of a two day class with Tracy Verdugo.
The class is called Sacred Marks and is all about using symbols and layering. I kept forgetting to snap pictures but here are two of the stages.

We shall see what it looks like after tomorrow. Right now it looks too chaotic to me but I know it is really just a part of the foundation.
Here is the bus we took to class and some pics of the area

Here's Tracy

And here are some pics of the scenery on the way to class

Off to bed now. Hugs!
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Mary said...

I am loving what I see...these look like different colors for you too...hoping you have a blast there..


Rebecca said...

Yay - hope you are having so much fun!

laurel said...

Thanks girls. I am having fun even though I am out of my comfort zone.

~*~Patty S said...

Very exciting to see some of what you made in your classes...I admire abstract would be a big stretch for me I think
Happy October! that CA countryside sure looks nice :)