Monday, August 27, 2007

Hello Monday...

Oh dear, it's a Monday again. I'd like to boycott Mondays but I'm not independently wealthy so it's not an option. Had a lovely Saturday hanging with the girls at Archivers and scrapbooking. The only draw back is that I work so slow while visiting but it's worth the price. I did manage to finish embellishing another gift album. I did not manage to take pictures of it yesterday so it will have to wait until next weekend when I will have some good light again. Seems our little heat wave here in Atlanta may be over. Only 90 today instead of 100 or so.
I did not create anything else over the weekend. I really wanted to try my hand at some more watercolor but yesterday was a bluesy non productive day. Here is a picture of flower boxes in Montmartre from my trip to Paris a couple years ago. I am so ready to go back again. Mom and I had such a wonderful time and still did not get to see everything.
Well, I hope everyone has a lovely Monday.

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