Thursday, August 23, 2007

Inspired by...

I'm still reading lots of blogs by artists and I find them so very inspiring. I want so much to spend more time being creative but the week is devoted to working and paying the bills which only leaves some of the weekend. I'm going to endeavor, though, to post more even if it is just one of the thousands of pictures I've taken. It is especially hard when you find so many mediums fascinating. Well, I'll just have to make more time to play. ;-) Hope you enjoy this picture of one of the Hosta flowers in my yard. I have my mom to thank for that. She just loves puttering in the yard gardening. I started with a manageable garden and then she moved in with me and has greatly expanded it. The patches of grass are getting smaller and smaller.

I also visited Hobby Lobby twice this week (somehow I missed seeing one of the sisters there. highly unusual) and am now the owner of a set of watercolor tube paints and acrylic tube paints. Some day I'll probably learn the difference between the less expensive ones and the more expensive ones. I went cheap just in case they sit on the shelf collecting dust. I've been so inspired by all the artwork I've seen that I want to try my hand at some of them. I also bought a box easel. I just love those 40% coupons and sales at HL. I'll take a picture of my new stuff once I'm home with some daylight to work with. Can't wait to play!

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Rebecca said...

Gorgeous photo! You should frame a few and put them in your scrap/art room!

LilCzarina said...

Very good idea, Rebecca!

FYI--This sister hasn't been to HL in months! i can't think of anything that I want or have the room for.

I do not think the "Sisters' will be at Archivers tomorrow. We called earlier this week and they were booked with a waiting list of 2. I just called and the waiting list has grown to 4.

Well Jenni is hosting again on Sept 29 (which is a Saturday). Maybe we will see you then.

Kimberly said...

Awesome Laurel. Painting is great! One of my first loves. Acrylics and Oils are fun as well. Acrylics with Water Colors is a cool thingy too!

Alexzillasmama said...

I haven't been to HL all summer until late last week. I was shocked to see that they are STILL in business despite my absence! Haha!

Love the are pretty handy with that camera.