Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scintilating Saga

Hope I spelled that right. Foyer is finally scraped as good as it's going to get. After talking to a couple of the guys at work they pointed out that just replacing the shoe mold might not be enough to cover the expansion gap needed so off came the base molding too.

While I was working I decided to watch some Dr. Oz. It got me thinking about what do I truly do for myself that falls under the good for me category. Good for my body or my soul type of good. Today it was Dr. Oz and contemplating how to get back on track with weight loss. Three years ago I had gastric bypass and lost 100 pounds over about 18 months and then maintained for another six. Then I received a promotion at work which involves longer hours lots of stress and less me time and I've gained back about a size and a half. So I'm thinking something needs to change.  Not my job because I like it and I need to make a living.

I'd like to challenge myself to do one thing each day that is to my benefit be it health, creativity, or spiritual. Of course I'm already afraid of failure but I should give it a whirl any way.

What do you do for yourself? How often do you manage to focus on your own growth?

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Karen Mowrey said...

Laurel...last year i still would have joked that i do not run unless there is a sale...i have already ran my first 5k and last week for pleasure i ran 4.6 miles (which is 7.4k) failure wasn't an option when i started because i did not know where it would take me...i just started running...and now in jaw drops at my own accomplishment...i did it for me...and each time running no matter how far i made was as if i had my prozac fix for the day and that was success enough

i also got off the computer and into a good book..which turned into many good books...which turns into a fairytale escape...which in turn is doing myself a favor as well...i guess the key is to just go for it..."99% of the success is just showing up" :)