Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday cards...

Well, I made it back Friday safe and sound from Charlotte, North Carolina. Their gas shortage was as bad as ours and I didn't find any until I got into South Carolina on the way back. It was all very exciting and a bit stressful not know absolutely that I would make it home.
I went up there to attend a work related class. It was kind of lonely but at the same time it was relaxing. I wasn't constantly pulled in multiple directions with work and got to learn some new stuff that I can't wait to implement. Part of my geeky side. Fortunately I'm only a little geeky.

The weekend before heading out I did spend some time with the girls at Archivers. I actually finished two birthday cards, the first for my brother and the second for a friend. I managed to work faster than I usually do although it helped that I already had all the paper picked out. Before and after that I worked on a project for family Christmas presents. Once in a blue moon family members actually look at my blog so I can't show any pictures of the project. I can tell you it involved a lot of cutting, glueing and sanding. Both cards are actually collages which was fun to do. I'm not sure I'm completely happy with the butterly one but I was late with both of them so had to go ahead and send it out. Hopefully the recipients enjoy them which is the whole point anyway.
PS. I looked up my spider and it is a she and a Argiope aurantia and is referred to as a Yellow and Black Spider, Writing Spider or Corn Spider. I'm not sure if she has moved on or was just out today. I wanted to take some more pictures but with my macro lens this time to see just how much detail I could capture.

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Rebecca said...

Love those cards! Especially the more masculine one!

Charlie said...

Your cards are gorgeous. Love the butterflies.
Glad you were able to get home safely, with that gas shortage going on. I hear everything is ok now.

Stephanie said...

Very pretty, but I really LOVE the butterfly card. SO elegant!!