Sunday, January 06, 2008

A New Year has begun...

"A Waking Dream"
An original poem by Paulette Insall

She was roused from her waking dream by wings a-flutter,
the path now so clear before her,
............the transformation underway
...................the discovery of part of herself that had always been

....Waiting awaken bloom soar.

Choosing let go give in breathe.

Her purpose was clear, her heart peace.

About a month ago I found an artist, Paulette Insall, while following various links in blogs. Each picture she paints centers around a single woman and I loved all of them but this one really spoke to me so I purchased a print. Paulette also writes a poem for each painting. This one spoke to me so much because I am a transformation underway. Actually, we all are in our different ways but their are times in our lives when it is even more true.

In this new year my hopes are to transform in many ways. I want to spend less time working overtime at my day job and more time exploring my creative side. I want to try new ways of doing things and use new mediums. I want to break out those acrylic and water color paints I bought and play with ways to use them. I want to use up my paper faster than I buy it (that might be a little lofty). I want to create things that I can sell including cards and artwork. In addition ot the creative I want to do a much better job this year of exercising and to become very tone and fit. I want to do better at checking in how friends and family are doing. I want to always be kinder and more giving.

Well, that's a start. I'm sure there is more I've contemplated but we can always add to the list.

I hope everyone has a fabulous new year filled with fulfilled potential and growth. Many blessings!
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Rebecca said...

What a beautiful poem - and so appropriate! I probably don't say it enough - congratulations on your weight loss so far!

tangled stitch said...

What a beautiful poem and a beautiful painting! I hope you find everything you are looking for. I'm in a state of transformation myself so here is to the wonderful art of transformation. Bless you and happy new year!

I love the name of your blog.

Pattie said...

This speaks to me also!

Charlie said...

I agree. I like the poem and the painting. What an inspiration. I too want to transform and grow my creative side. Good luck on your creative journey this year.