Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Catching up on March...

Well, now that we are in April maybe I should do a little catching up.

Through some friends I found out about Roco 6x6 for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Once a year the sponsor an art show of 6" x 6" art work from around the world as a fundraiser. You create the art and donate it and each piece is for sale for $20. So my bestie Rebecca and I decided it would be fun to donate art and go to the opening and our flights to New York are booked. So exciting!

Because I'm having so much fun with the Gelli plate I decided to create my contributions as monoprints. Below are the six pieces I'm donating, two of which are collages.


Here are a few more Gelli prints from just playing.

This is one I enhanced with doodles.

Why is the Gelli plate so addictive?  ;-)  Until next time happy creating!

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1 comment:

~*~Patty S said...

Each of your prints is wonderful and so different and so original...
I think the endless possibilities and element of surprise keep us going back for more monoprinting fun :)