Sunday, September 18, 2011

Will it ever be done...

I am slowly trying to get back into the creative swing of things but first I have to put all my crap, uh, I mean supplies back into my cupboards. So mom and I have been making piles and sorting and even a little purging. The big push stated Labor Day weekend and unfortunately is still going. For some reason it feels like shifting sand, never truly going anywhere. I know that isn't true since some things are now put away but my dining room is still utter chaos.

Last month I did get to play some and I made an addition to a background I had created that needed a focal point. I added a nice rusty hinge that always looked like part of an angel to me and gave her wings using grunge board butterfly wings and covering with decorative napkins. I also added some tulle for added whimsy. This isn't a good picture but you'll get the idea.

I also had an awesome time Thursday night at a class by Mary Freeman called Visual Journalism. It was an intro to the six week class that starts this Thursday and I highly recommend it if you are anywhere the Alpharetta, Georgia area. The class is about being real and using the creative process to dig deeper into your heart with the added benefit of playing with different ideas for layering and experimenting. Let me know if you want info on where to sign up.

For the first class I didn't really do a journal page since they gave us a choice of paper or mat board and I went for the mat board. One of Mary's examples had grey which is a color I haven't used before and I felt like taking a chance so started with that as my base. Mary gave us little packets with various papers to play with and mine had a picture of a door and knew that had to be the focal point. I added a little green and pink and just had to have some drippage. I'm not sure if it's done because I did want some words so I'm letting it percolate.

Well, I suppose I should go to bed since 4:30 am is going to be here way too soon. Sigh.

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Mary said...

Laurel as i look at your piece here, it looks as if you could walk right through that open door...wonder where it leads?? :)

and your creative spot will come together on piece at a always looks messier, more chaotic before the calm appears.


see you Thursday.

Marilyn Rock said...

Love that rusted piece! Great work of art!

Marilyn Rock said...

Hi Laurel, FYI - I have new Blog:

Had to begin anew - too many serious Blogger issues they cannot remedy.

Hope you'll visit. xxoo

Photocat said...

Your winged hinge looks wonderful. It looks a bit like the Angel of the North from afar. Love the long silhouette of the hinge. Nice find adding the wings!