Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ripping up wood...

Well, the wood has been ordered and will arrive sometime this week. Hopefully I will have the foyer wood removed by the end of next weekend.

It's a little harder than I anticipated but starting to get a groove. It sure is hard to find the right tools for it. Flooring guy at Lowe's said either rent a floor ripper for a couple hundred a day or a mallet and wonder bar. Got the wonder bar but it's not as good as my big wrecking bar and brute force. Oh, and if you ever think about glueing down wood, DON'T. It's very mean to the poor fool who is going to have to remove it in the future.

I think I've found the perfect work plan though of you are a single girl doing it alone. Get plenty of rest and get up late. Fix a nice breakfast along with a nice big cup of caffeine. Watch HGTV while you gather strength and absorb any additional tips and techniques you can. Finally, start hacking away and take periodic HGTV breaks to ensure good technique. The only drawback at the moment is I'm not sure I will be able to move my right arm tomorrow. Better soak in Epsom salts tonight.

Watching HGTV at the moment learning how to demo tile. Never mind that I don't have any (yet).

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Misti said...

Wow! Way to go! It's going to be beautiful when it's finished.

Rebecca said...

Good job! I like your plan!

Chez Whimsy said...

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Keep up the great work!