Sunday, July 11, 2010

The floor saga

I must be the slowest renovator ever! That being said it does take a while when you have this huge table that has to be rolled back and forth and you have to wait for one side of the room to dry so you can roll it out of the way. I have the floors looking pretty good now except for this annoying glue squiggle going down the middle.

Yesterday I pulled out my little sander and determined I didn't have the right grit for the Jon so this morning hit it again. Working better but so slow. I may have to resort to renting a floor sander. Something to research this week. Anyone have experience sanding concrete?

Here are some pics of the progress.

This is called girlie sanding. My arm was getting sore and found I could more easily use the weight of my leg. And yes, I do my best work in my pajamas. ;-)

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1 comment:

Rebecca said...

ha! Girlie sanding! seriously, rent a sander....surely it's faster.