Friday, July 11, 2008

One year anniversary...

Well, one year ago today I had gastric bypass surgery and I am still so very glad I did it. One year ago I walked down a new path. Unless you've struggled with being overweight you will never understand the world of pain that goes along with it. Some of it is self inflicted and some of it comes from the world around us and the expectations that bombard us. There is a constant self consciousness that you can't seem to put a stop to. That is all in addition to the physical struggles with carrying around that weight. I'm already amazed at how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. Inside I feel like the same person but I also no longer feel like that fat person looking in from the outside at the skinny world. I don't have that tape playing in my head of "She'd be pretty if she wasn't so fat." I can walk up a hill and feel like a normal person who can still breath. I can shop in the regular sizes now. There is a new spring in my step. I no longer have high blood pressure or diabetes.

I am so blessed with family and friends who all love and support me and are happy for me and encourage me continually.

Last night I started listening to a Franklin Covey cd and pulled out an old notebook where I recorded some of my health goals and weight loss from previous attempts. At the time when I wrote them they seemed so far away but now I am partway there. Here is the list unedited:

  1. To be able to bend over and tie my shoes easily.
  2. To be able to move freely without the restrictions I have now because of my weight.
  3. To be more physically active in my activity types.
  4. To be able to hike up a mountain with the ease of a fit person.
  5. To be able to ride a bike up and down hills.
  6. To take my bike on trips and to ride it rather than drive every where.
  7. To be healthy and fit.
  8. To play tennis.
  9. To do more creative things like pottery, painting and stained glass.
  10. To stop spending more money than I make.
  11. To pay off all my debt.
  12. To pay cash for everything except for an occasional large purchase but to also pay that off quickly.
  13. To spend more time seeking out God.
  14. To learn how to hear God.
  15. To learn how to obey God.
That last one is a doozy. I have accomplished some of those goals and am working on others and some I still need to address. It's funny that I started thinking about these last night because today I read my friend Rebecca's blog and she is examining some of her before 30 life goals and issued a challenge. So, Rebecca, consider the above list my contribution although I know there is more floating around in my head.

Another coincidence is that the theme for this week's Inspire Me Thursday is Healing. I wanted to contribute some sort of art that embodied that to me but my photography and spilling my guts will have to do. In my life God is healing and nature is what speaks to me the most about healing. The photograph above reminds me of God's healing in my life that enables me to open myself up more. I feel like a flower opening to His possibilities.
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Rebecca said...

Wow! Way to answer a challenge! And to think, I wasn't brave enough to type out the really big ones! You know, like "obeying God". I'm inspired.

pattie said...

What a wonderful thing you have done to honor yourself...I love your list
I am cheering for you from my heart.

Tammie Lee said...

Your flower photo is lovely!
Congratulations on your anniversary and your feeling so good about your choice. I wish you a life of health.

johanna said...

i had an operation last year too. they took out a 22-cm tumor. a lot of things changed in my life after that. thank you for sharing your inspiring story :-) it's beautiful.

Forever Young said...

omg this is a fantastic post! i had back surgery 5 years ago and know the pain you've been in, so glad it worked and you are well in body and soul
here's mine:

Karen Mowrey said...


Congratulations on your accomplishment. You must be so proud. I am a pharmacist for my real money and have witnessed the transformation of many with gastric bypass. The bigest transformation being in their spirit. It was so wonderful of you to spill your feelings and I am sure you will be an inspiration to many so in a sense you are working exactly the way God has intended for you! Keep up the good work!

Karen Mowrey said...


Thanks for stopping by "Beelieve"

Kimberly said...

Congrats Laurel! Maybe we can workout sometime. Yepper, I joined a gym....DO NOT LAUGH! lol