Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What a fun Christmas!

Had another fun family get together with the whole crew at my house. The more I hear about other families and how they don't talk to each other the more I appreciate the fact that in my family we all like each other and get along. I think most of the time it's because we choose love over taking offense. Things happen at times where one of us could get our panties in a wad but it's more important to remember that we love each other and to let it go. I think part of it too is that none of us believe in playing the victim which is another choice to be made. My Christmas sermon is "people do things you don't agree with or like but let it go and just love them."

Getting presents is not important in my family either but we do really enjoy it when we can give gifts that are really wanted. I think everyone received some things they will enjoy for a long time. I know I did. My family got me a flash for my camera and a photography lesson. I can hardly wait to learn to use my Rebel better.

Monday Mom and I had our little gift giving and lounged around and watched some travel shows. Of course, every place we see we want to visit. Managed to move from the pajama mode to going out to visit Rebecca and her family. She has quite a gathering this year with her Mom in from Germany and her brother in from Autstralia. It was a really nice evening hanging out with all of them and enjoying all the laughter. The Bible says "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine" and I find that to be so true.

Well, guess I better get back to work. Ugh!

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