Monday, September 11, 2006

Made it...

Well, Saturday was my brothers reception/birthday party and I managed to get all the albums done and in his hands.

Saturday morning I slotted time to add a couple more pictures to some of the albums and found a few of them where a little glue got on the pictures and turned them green so there I was reprinting a bunch and trying to gently remove the bad ones. I didn't get to see everyone look at the albums but the ones I did see seemed to be enjoying them. It was all worth it to see everyone enjoying the pictures and the memories. It didn't hurt either that my brother gave me a gift card to my favorite store, Archivers. I was so very tired on Sunday but I managed to drag myself out for a little shopping spree. I'm hardly ever too tired to shop. :-0

I'll post a picture of one of the albums as soon as I get it scanned.

We'll time to get back to my real job.


Anonymous said...

What did you buy at Archivers? I can't wait to see!!


laurel said...

Oh, girl, I bought the Rhonna Farrer Flourishes 1 and 2. Saw online that there is a swirls 2 so waiting for that one. Was very good and only spent half my gift so I could savor it.