Monday, September 18, 2006

Lovely Weekend

Well, I had a lovely weekend. It started with knowing it was going to be sunny the whole time so I took the top down on the Jeep and enjoyed the open air immensly. For some reason I just find it invigorating.

Saturday I lugged my scrapbooking bags to Archivers to crop with the girls. We had a fun time as usual. It's like having more sisters. We have so much fun ribbing each other.

I managed to get three birthday cards done. It usually takes me a day to do just one but I already had ideas on what I wanted to do so it made it much easier. Kimberly got a fair amount done but she was trying to do some challenges and that slowed down her creative juices. She still had some really cute pages and even made a pretty card. Rebecca started a project that I think is going to be a Christmas present so can't give any details but it is beautiful and she is using some of my favorite paper, that new Bohemia line. Misti managed to join us for the evening but she is about to pop with that baby of hers. I think she only has about three weeks left. She has some really cute stories about her hubby and what he is doing to prepare.

Sunday drove two hours to my sister's house for a birthday party for one of my nephews. It was a nice day and a nice time. Wish it could have been a longer visit but that's always how it is.

My brother said his boss liked the mini album I did so much that he might want to commision one himself. I have no clue what to charge so did a little research and I was surprised at how much custom albums cost. Some ladies charge as much as $30 a page and they weren't even all that creative. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to charge that much at least not for the first time out and not for someone I know. I will have to do some more research and ponder it.

It also made me wonder if I could do that for a living but I'd really have to crank them out to support the life style I've become accustomed to with my current salary as an IT person. Sometimes I wish I were an awesome programmer or developer and could earn enough to work part time. Oh well, I just need to be patient and see what God has in store for me.



Kimberly Archer said...

Yes, we did have a lovely day scrapping. I did not realize how much I missed you all! We must do more together other than scrapping! But honestly, is there anything-else? LOL

Rebecca Boyer said...

I had fun too! Isn't it just amazing what people charge for books? I'm always shocked and then I have the same reaction you do - I just can't bear to charge that much!

misti mann said...

The other "musketeer" here. I had a great time too, even though I didn't really accomplish anything. You're books are beautiful & definitely worth that much, who knows maybe one day I'll hire you to make one for us!