Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Art play time...

So you know when you keep playing and making gel prints and start running out of places to stash them all? Means it's time to start collaging to use some up.

Here is one collage that also included some magazine paper and a bit of a cardboard coffee sleeve.

And here is one that is mostly gel prints on various papers including deli paper and then some snippets of paper I made with string and craft tissue.

Haven't figured out what to name them yet.

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Caroline D. said...

Both of these are gorgeous! I agree... Gelli printing is so fun and it's easy to create a tall stack in no time. Collaging them together for a finished piece is a great idea! Ive only been using bits & pieces and that still leaves the stack pretty big. haha

laurel said...

I know! I still have a big stack left. 😛