Monday, June 20, 2016

Looking for a focal point...

So, I'm still trying to go bigger on this 18x24 piece and with more vibrant colors.  My first few layers were on an IKEA desk pad as my plate but without wetting the paper or having a press it doesn't make full contact like the Gelli plate does.  I need them to go bigger instead of all the small plates they are doing at the moment.  I see a homemade one in my future.

Here I've added some more layers but I haven't figured out how I want to give it a focal point.  I could make another layer that essentially masks out the majority of it to leave interesting shapes or I could collage some large elements in or, or...  At the moment I like the bottom portion the most.

This is a partial progression of another one I worked on that is more 11x14. In this phase I liked the simpleness but it felt a little flat and missing some texture.

The photo is a bit dark but I like the texture now and what looks like black is really a dark purple.

I hope everyone had a blessed Fathers Day.

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Summer said...

It looks beautiful ♥