Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting things done...

So, for the past month or so there hasn't been a lot of art play time because I'm finally back to installing wood floors. A couple years ago, ok maybe three, I ordered engineered bamboo and with the help of friends and family I installed it in the front half of the house. With major projects at work and as time elapsed I was having trouble mentally gearing up to start again. Well, in September I finally hit the stage of let's get this done.

Right now I am almost finished and hopefully will be done this weekend with the remaining base and shoe molding. Below are pics of the adventure. Completion pictures to come later.

One of the many cut around challenges (powder room toilet).

One corner (clean) with the base molding done.

This is my art room during the process.

Oh and a couple of cute cat pictures for good measure. Trixie is actually asleep in the window.

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Mary said...

They look wonderful! Can't wait to see it complete rooms put back together!