Sunday, July 06, 2014

Summer is here...

Well, we are definitely out of spring and into the summer temperatures although it isn't as hot as it could be.

I'm still addicted to the Gelli plate and can't seem to step away from it.  There was a sale at Michaels a couple months ago and I bought a really big canvas (for me) and it still has the cellophane on it since it is too big for even the large plate.  I have read that you can use the new smaller ones as stamps.  Now all I have to do is find something big enough to turn the 12x14 one into a stamp and then I can use it on the big canvas.  I'll let you know if I manage that and how it goes.  ;-)

So a couple weeks ago was crafty time with the girls (Rebecca, Misti and Stephanie) and it seems I was in an orange and teal mood.  These four are done unless of course I start adding to them again.

I also had a little art journaling time with the fabulous Mary Freeman and I had fun playing with a little different color combination.  It is always such a lovely time with my girlfriends and the other ladies that come and it is fun to see all the different styles we have.

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Marilyn said...

I love love love the colors in your gel prints. They are beautiful!!!

laurel said...

Thanks Marilyn!