Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, it's been a lot of work, work, work for me but took some time out last weekend to go shopping at a local antique market. Mom and my friend Rebecca went with me. It was a little like old home week because we also met up with a couple of girls from our Inspired creative retreat last month. Brenda met us there and Andra was helping a friend with her booth. I've been one other time to the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market but this time there were more artists and met some very lovely ladies. I still would like to check out Scott's Antique Market sometime soon. I'm on the hunt for some old tin ceiling tiles don't cost a bunch and looking for a flea market that has hidden treasures that are cheap

I did find an awesome coffee bag, a piece of flocked wall paper from Andra's friend, some old hinges and some awesome vintage sewing patterns (25 cents each, score!). Oh, and these wooed block and metal things from an old textile factory for a buck a piece. I'm going to make some sort of background canvas and attach them. Haven't decided if I'm going to alter them or use as is. Love the look of them.

Oh, and one more score. At work one of the projectors died and one of the guys asked if I wanted it for the lenses. I said that was an awesome idea. Took it apart (lots and loys of screws) and found some very lovely pieces of glass I'm going to try my hand at soldering and will make some pendants. The larger pieces I will try to use in collaging.

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