Monday, November 09, 2009


Not a lot to tell right now. I've spent the last two weekends sorting,
filing and shredding. Something I've been putting off for at least a
year so you can imagine the piles. It's sort of like trying to clean
all the sand out of the nooks and crannies after a day at the beach
but not nearly as fun. Now I have to organize all the stuff I've been
accumulating to use for texture in mixed media. My friends just shake
their heads at me every time I say "Don't throw that away. I can use
it somehow."

This morning was a beautiful sunrise. Not sure how well this will
translate from the iPhone but it was prettier than this. Had to hold
the phone through the blinds in my office.


Mary said...

Beautiful picture. You are up early to be at work for the sunrise!!

I cleaned and organized my studio awhile back - it needs it again!!! :/

Have a great day!!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you got experience the gorgeous sunrise, but sorry that you had to experience it at the same time :) Far too early in the morning!

While we may roll our eyes at your large collection - you know we love you!

joanne said...

what an amazing office view... to see this as you begin your work day must have lit a beautiful glow in your heart...

and as for the cleaning up?... i'm utterly hopeless... the frenzy to organize and clean will strike (but not very often)... i'm much better at intending to do it than i am actually doing it... but i also find i am far more energized creatively when i am in a certain level of chaos and somehow just trust that i know when it has gone a wee bit too far... (at least that's my story and i'm sticking with it)...

:: elk :: said...

oh the sky put on a show!

Fannie said...

Hi, Laurel. Beautiful photo, great shot, especially considering it was taken from inside your office. Thanks for sharing.

Must feel good to organize yourself. You've inspired me to do the same . . .

Fannie said...

Hi, Laurel. Popping in to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for your gift of friendship.