Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Playing with paint...

This a continuation of my previous post so to speak. While the girls were napping I was painting away the whole weekend and actually have some things to show for it. A few months ago I ordered some dvds from Creative Catalyst Productions and am loving them. The first one I watched was on mixed media collage by Jacqueline Sullivan. I had so much fun playing with it and learned a valuable lesson on how to utilize cheese cloth better (instead of in my previous lumps). I still haven't decided if this is a finished piece or if I want to utilize it in collaging. I have a feeling I'll just have to make another one to play with. I've even thought about using it for a journal cover.

I've seen a number of posts about using paper towels to use up left over paints and this is one is in the Traci Bautista style and is almost done. I'm thinking about stamping on top and using it for collaging. We shall see. I have her Collage Unleashed book and love it and bought the dvd which I haven't viewed yet.

The next two are me just playing with water color paper and paints.

This is one where I tried to recreate a piece in one of my many books and failed miserably. There is so much to learn! I'll still use this somehow or else continue working on it.

More playing but also trying out the clear tar gel and airbrush paints on water color paper.

The other dvd I watched over the weekend was Water Media Collage by Carrie Burns Brown. I only had a partial piece of patterned tissue left so only played with painting it black and then stamping on it for collaging. I have to say the papers she made and the subsequent collage was very exciting. I can hardly wait to play with it more.

This is another along one playing with color and stamping in molding paste. I'm not done with it yet.

This one I started with painting the canvas green and then last weekend added some oriental paper and corrugated cardboard and then applied a layer of crackle medium. Can't see the green paint anymore though. I'm tempted to leave it but it is meant to just be the start of something more. We shall see. May have to replicate this too to decide which part of the progression I like best.

Thanks for looking!

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Charlie said...

These are pretty! I saw this post on Facebook. There are so many things on facebook that I have yet to learn. I have to admit it is fun and so glad you got me to join.And I'm really enjoying mafia wars.

Karen said...

I love your experimentation with colours!

Rebecca said...

you were so diligent. You get the most productive award!

Asian Traveler said...

Awesome painting! You really have a talent that you should pursue.

beth said...

I love these backgrounds....what great pages they will make for anything....journal pages, art work....so many great things !!!

Seth said...

Wow you have been productive! These are all such great pages. My favorites -- the first and the last!

laurel said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! The first and last are my favorites too. I actually have some ideas percolating for the last one that will give it a little more of a focal point.