Sunday, April 06, 2008

Utterly Useless...

Well, I've been trying all weekend to do something creative but have only succeeded at being a useless bump on a log.

Friday Mom and I were going to go to the Dogwood Festival. We almost never miss it. This year it was banished from Piedmont Park and was being held in the Lenox Mall parking lot. Sounds very picturesque doesn't it. I heard they shipped in some dogwoods for it. Well, it was rainy all day Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday so we skipped it. We ran errands instead.

Saturday I attempted to make a birthday card and I am not happy with it. I decided to quit while ahead and have spent the rest of the weekend surfing the net. Although Sunday I tried editing some pictures to do something interesting with them. I've been trying to catch up with all the interesting stuff on Pioneer Woman but failed at that too.

I've been working too much and I think that it has sapped all the creativity out of me. I'm hoping it isn't a permanent condition. I think I'm also overwhelmed with all the things I should be doing between work and home, non creative things, that I'm just not getting any of them down. Hopefully I just needed some downtime and this will all pass. Ok, enough whining.
And since I can't stand to post without a picture say hellow to this guy from last summer. I did apply the hard light blending tool to take out some of the grey. I still want to play with some other techniques like borders.


Misti said...

That's an amazing photo!

Rebecca said...

Oh - so you liked Pioneer Woman, huh? Yay!

Hope you feel refreshed!

Anonymous said...

hello baby! i love usless every now and then. it's only temporary. give yourself permission to be in this space at this time. it's not permanant and it will pass. the creativity that flows thru you will never stop will be back soon! rest. your work makes you work too hard! let's go camping!! i love you! love kimmy