Monday, May 07, 2007

Needs Google search band wagon

Ok, I'm joining the Google search band wagon. Here is what "Laurel needs":

to be praised (who doesn't)
were related to operating... (not sure what I'm operating)
to communicate with a student about their work, attitude, or "peer level qualities" (thankfully I'm not a teacher)
YOUR HELP! (always)
to conduct a new needs assessment (probably)
YOU! (for sure)
to attract (what? could be scary)
a makeover (for sure!)
ECI (have no idea)
a operating system reinstall (probably goes with the make over)

Oddly enough someone else compiled a Laurel Needs list but they were a little more choosey:

Laurel needs acid soil and excellent drainage. (that is so true)
Laurel needs summer days with high heat. (so not true!)
Laurel needs a bigger bust. (might fall over if that happened)
Laurel needs to comply. (dream on)
Laurel needs a date. (highly over rated)
Laurel needs clothing for an adult male. (must be for that date. guess he's showing up naked which might be okay)
Laurel needs a room that matches her artistic side. (almost done)
Laurel needs something to calm her down. (probably, since I'm not dating)
Laurel needs a recovery strategy. (possibly from that date)
Laurel needs us. (true!)

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Kimberly said...

I missed the GOSSIP! I wanna know about Laurel's DATE!