Friday, February 23, 2007

Album for little girls

Well, I finished another gift album. This one was geared towards being viewed by little girls and I used the new DCWV Pocket Full Of Posies paper with all its glitter. The pictures didn't come out that well. That's what you get when you try to do it at night with lamp light and a flash. I really liked the paper but I still look at the pages and wish I had come up with something more to do. They look a little plain to me. The friend I gave it to thinks it's pretty and that's what really matters. I'm ready to start another one for a new mother of a baby girl.

Some day maybe I'll actually get back to scrapping my Paris pictures. And then there are the 2000 pictures from England that I'm trying to pare down.

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kimmy said...

hey there. did u have a spcific new mother in mind or are u hoping to find a new mother somewhere? cause i have one. my friend Kris from chicago. she and becky and i were the three musketeers in jr. high. she just had a beby girl, Annika, by c-section on tues. 5lbs and some oz. i would love to work some kind of trade and/or pay for the supplies and/or anything that would make it a win-win. i've been trying to come up with a meaningful gift for her. she is VERY dear to me. let me know what u think (including "thanks but no thanks") thanks for the blog. it's very cool to check in and see what you've been creating. love you tons!!!!!!!!!