Monday, October 09, 2006

It's all about the weekend...

Unfortunately, life seems to revolve around the weekend and waiting all week for it to come. I do enjoy my job but I live for getting to do what I want to do on the weekends. Saturday, Rebecca and I had another fun day scrapbooking at Archivers. I fed my paper addiction and bought more paper that I didn't necessarily need but how can you not use a 20% off coupon.

About a year ago we had seen another scrapper using this big tape dispenser for her adhesive and I have yet to find it in a local store so decided to order one from because they had such great prices. The gun is a little bulky but it is really easy to use and the tape is acid free, 36 yards and under $3 a roll. So far the adhesive is really strong. I've been finding that all the normal ones aren't strong enough for the gift albums I've been making especially since the pages don't have protectors. The only drawback of course is if you get something partway on the page and realize you need to adjust it. Not so easy with really good adhesive. Oh well, the price is worth it.

Sunday I ended up having a pajama day and all I accomplished was getting the laundry done. Sometimes you just need some down time.

On a more serious note, I have a life altering decision to make. I found out that my insurance is paying for gastric bypass surgery. I've struggled with my weight since my 20's and even spent a year with a trainer trying to change my life style for the better but it just doesn't seem to come off. I've come to the realization that in my own strength I'm not able to lose the 150 lbs that I've accumulated. So I may need something drastic. Keep me in your prayers as I weigh the benefits against the risks and drawbacks.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Laurel! Please be careful in your decision about the bypass surgery. I have had two friends that had NEGATIVE experience. However, my BIL had a wonderful and positive experience. In fact, he has LOST TOO MUCH weight in my opinion. So, I am thinking of you in this decision. Then you have to think about the loose skin too. Cosmetic surgery is outrageously expensive!